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Have you ever come across a dream, you wished were true? Were the contents in the dream so emotional and captivating that you would want  to experience it again.

As he woke up, Ishaan  was in dismay. He had almost caught what he had started to love but everything slipped through his fingers as his eyes opened. He wondered if what he saw, was a phase that would occur in the future. It was not necessary for him to feel optimistic, because at the back of his mind, he knew, that dreams were a consolidation of one’s subconscious mind, and that whatever he dreamt of, might have been something that his subconscious mind had been craving for.

‘I am in love’, said Ishaan as his eyes started filling up with tears. He had never felt this way. No woman had been successful enough to push Ishaan this far, except these two.


This dream was abstract. An army officer, had just received a letter of acceptance. It read –

Respected Lt. Colonel Ishaan Sengupta,

Your leave for a period of one week, from 27th February 2032 to 7th March 2032 has been accepted by the Army Northern Command. You are therefore advised to return to the Kupwara base camp and to reinstate yourself in the Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC) barracks on 8th March 2032.

Yours sincerely,
Commanding Officer,
Brigadier Firdous Foujdar


Ishaan had packed his bags, and the next imagery available to the narrator was that of Ishaan entering the Officer’s Ward in the Delhi Cantonment Area. No message had been sent to his family, prior to his arrival. He wanted to surprise them. At the gate he was notified about a community gathering within the Cantonment. He chose to stop by his house first. The spare keys were kept under the mat, as usual. He opened the door, dropped his bags on the sofa and made his way out.

It was a slow, ten minute walk to the community centre. On his way there, he could see a few kids playing.  They were playing hide and seek in the children’s park inside the cantonment. He had a certain smile in his eyes. He stopped and entered the park. He had made all the way to the plastic slides where he suddenly shouted ‘bhow !!!’. The 12 old girl hiding behind the slide, was petrified. She stood stunned . Her eyes were wide open , while her mouth opened up gradually in awe. Her eyes teared up, but she acted as if nothing had happened. She tried to play strong, but she gave in.

Ishaan had two frail yet strong hands of a 12 year old girl around his legs, while her face was submerged on his military pants. She finally cried,’ Papa’.  The game had stopped, every child stood in silence, except another 10 year old girl who came running towards the two – in- union. Ishaan could hear shouts of ‘Papa’ from behind. He went down on his knees, opened his arms and accomodated two little princesses, who were as beautiful as their mother and as brave as Ishaan himself. He kissed both of them on the cheeks and carried 10 year old Braahmi on his shoulder, while 12 year old Bhavya walked hand in hand with her dad. Ishaan said,’ Chalo, lets go find your Mamma’


“It is not a coincidence, when the woman, whom you admire so much, ends up being your better half in the dream. This shows how your subconscious mind plays so many games with you. It sounds creepy, but it actually happens”, said Ishaan

The narrator asked Ishaan, what happened next, to which he replied – “A family reunion”


The three members of a newly reunited family, entered the community centre. It was a Carnival Mela organised to fund families of martyrs who were yet to get their due from the civic authorities. Ishaan’s wife, a teacher at Asha School for special children, in the cantonment was in charge of Tombola. She was in the midst of completing the round in progress. She saw Ishaan with her kids , while she was calling out the numbers in a fun way. She was surprised too, but carried on her ordeal with a smile. When the game ended. She got up. Hugged Ishaan and then asked the others to take over the game.

Ishaan asked,”Shilpi, Let’s go out for dinner with the kids.

Shilpi  – ” The Carnival would end with a dinner, so it would be of no use to do so.”

Ishaan told Shilpi that he would take the kids around the Cantonment to catch up with them. She agreed and told him to not be late for dinner and that it would start in an hour.

Ishaan had stopped in the middle of the road. He looked to the left, where he found a bench. Braahmi and Bhavya were given two candy floss sticks to enjoy while Ishaan asked them about their school and their daily schedule. Their eyes were identical and their eyebrows too. They were his eyes. Their nose was thin but slightly long like their mother. They were as beautiful as Shilpi was. Ishaan started crying. He was proud of something. He was proud of something, that no one else could take pride of. He was proud of his creation. His daughters.

His daughters – who were just a dream.


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  1. Dhruv Pratap Rana says:

    Nice one… The dreams do come true if chased in right manner miss bhattacharya… Great line up ❤

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