Division Leads to Conflict

Division Leads to Conflict

These are not my words, but words of J. Krishnamurti.

That being said, today it struck me. It often happens that when we humans try to convince others of what we perceive to be our version of the truth, the examples we use do not often resonate with others. That in itself is evidence for the division between human beings. What reinforces the belief in this division is the fact that we all have different experiences, but if we had the opportunity to just not make us the center of the universe, we would probably be willing to factor in other’s experiences before responding to an issue, which we often ignore because we heavily rely on our own experiences to navigate through something as small as an argument all the way to the art of navigating through life.

As i sat next to the driver of the vehicle taking me to an ATM outside the four walls of my gated ‘colony’, I had a thought. I saw electronic gates lifting up so that our car could go out of the colony, followed by the gate coming down to stop the passage of other cars from leaving. On the other lane, the purpose was to allow the entry of cars belonging to the colony, while other cars had to ensure that they had permission to enter. This human behavior took me instantly 6,000 years back, when wild animals would be segregated from domesticated animals by a fence, ones that were ‘controllable’ to the others who were not. This division was evident even then. The division inside the fence was even more demarcated. The stable and the barn were meant for horses and cows, and the house was meant for humans. The writer is aware that he himself enjoys the privacy of his own room which he seldom shares with others with pleasure and more with reluctance. Cutting back to 2021, human beings in various societies have divided themselves based on social structures, languages and appearances. While you can enter a colony to work you cannot sleep there without the permission of the owner. And it always boils down to control. Segregate what can be controlled from that which cannot be controlled.

This division comes with a communal mindset, exclusive to the tribe members based on some associative qualities like that born out of human thought and conditioning both legal and cultural emboldens the division, separating man from animals, civilized from the uncivilized, man from women and more. This search for identity, this search for security is something which the writer himself is to be blamed for. While the writer has all the power in the world to act on removing his conditioning, he believes the conditioning is so ingrained he has to step back and let the societal norms function otherwise he risks losing his security, that of belonging to a country, a society and a family.

This therefore makes one wonder, do we all temporarily choose to hibernate in the mountains or the beaches so that we do not have to face the incapability, inadequacy within us to make things right? coexist with one another? Unless this self-centredness goes out the park, we may never be able to adequately address every issue we face. This self centered behavior to find someone homogeneous to us, so that we can come together and keep others out will breed division. And as we see, every division brings conflict.

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