Absolute Inadequacy

I have often asked myself, why is there this want for security. This innate need for something to be a permanent figure in our lives. Something or someone that will never leave us. Something that can be banked upon when nothing else is there which can support us. That MBA degree that one holds, the wife one finds in their […]

Sometimes one just feels empty

It is often, that I end up questioning. What is it that makes me feel empty. Why does one have to do anything to ensure this emptiness does not stay in oneself. For some, the mere presence of their parents, fills that hole. For some solitude is most comforting. For some 50 other activities help fill the void within. For […]

Division Leads to Conflict

These are not my words, but words of J. Krishnamurti. That being said, today it struck me. It often happens that when we humans try to convince others of what we perceive to be our version of the truth, the examples we use do not often resonate with others. That in itself is evidence for the division between human beings. […]

What is Love? Pt. 5

As if it was completely understood, we all venture in, thinking we are professional at the art of falling in love. It is so fresh and tangible, the reciprocation that fills us with the eagerness of a 4 year old, co-exploring the sand castle that he built with another 4 year old. Throughout this journey, each started having expectations of […]

Why Is Conformity So Satisfying?

I have been fortunate enough to take a walk these days in the park next to my house. For about 6 months, that 1 hour stroll aided and abetted the perfect escape from the 4 walls of a home, mechanically functioning in its definition of life. People knew their roles, the residents and the maids played their part splendidly in […]

The Self-Centredness in Insensitivity

Have there been days for you when you have not been able to sleep well? But something that did not make sense for a lot of days, just hopped itself into your brain as you woke up early in the morning? A thought that adds value to your ‘Why?’ and then contributes to the knowledge behind the years of conditioning […]

Why Do We Run Away From Guilt?

It has been a month since I last had a conversation with the person I love. I would not call it a month back, since I have not received a response to what I have sent since the 6th of April. That being said, when I look at it retrospectively, I deserve it. I am guilty and even though I […]

The Balance Between Companionship & Love

Before You read this – Feel free to listen to this song I wrote on this subject – Today, I write about something which is so innately human. While I was talking to an Instagram acquaintance of mine in length about the inadequacy within human beings, I found a lot of insights. It is to be acknowledged that no two […]