The Self-Centredness in Insensitivity

Have there been days for you when you have not been able to sleep well? But something that did not make sense for a lot of days, just hopped itself into your brain as you woke up early in the morning? A thought that adds value to your ‘Why?’ and then contributes to the knowledge behind the years of conditioning […]

Why Do We Run Away From Guilt?

It has been a month since I last had a conversation with the person I love. I would not call it a month back, since I have not received a response to what I have sent since the 6th of April. That being said, when I look at it retrospectively, I deserve it. I am guilty and even though I […]

The Balance Between Companionship & Love

Before You read this – Feel free to listen to this song I wrote on this subject – Today, I write about something which is so innately human. While I was talking to an Instagram acquaintance of mine in length about the inadequacy within human beings, I found a lot of insights. It is to be acknowledged that no two […]

What is Love? Pt. 4

So profound is to feel emotional. So profound is to know that we as human beings have the freedom to feel our own emotions. To acknowledge them, that they exist, because that what makes me feel my emotions is me or used to be me, until it is not me anymore. I do not know if this sentence makes any […]

What is Love Pt. 3?

If you were to ask a Sadhu (A hermit), who has forsaken every material pursuit to pursue renunciation and the ‘purpose’ of life, it seems like they had to leave the material pursuits, ‘escape’ from them to truly lose themselves – their identity and the ego. I guess a parallel, could be that of people who are still dealing in […]

What is Love? Pt. 2

As I write, I weep. Not because I have been naive,but what has always been quite recognizable, quite visible, quite identifiable, has also been blurry. Blurry, not because at that point of time, we did not sit and ponder about the subject, but even though, we did, we were ill-equipped to understand what it really meant to be in love. […]

What is the meaning of life?

Do not worry. I am not mad or crazy enough to claim to know. I am just inquisitive. Why do I ask such deep questions? Well I have been trying to address these questions that pester my mind in the assumption that when I ask them to the open world, I might find an answer? Although I do realize that […]

What is Love?

There are days when we can fool ourselves by saying, we would do everything in our might to care for another, for ourselves, for our dog, for nature, for anything or any person we find ourselves attracted and attached to whether physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or familiarly. Well, when you look into it, the only reason we love, is because […]